Health Testing

As part of your consultation, I may suggest investigative health testing to get a more accurate picture of factors that are contributing to your symptoms.  Many types of private health tests are available in New Zealand, here are some popular tests.

Allergenics Hair Testing

Hair Testing for Food & Environmental Sensitivities is helpful for clarifying foods & gut issues that could be causing poor health and low vitality, including allergies, weight gain, tiredness, irritability, skin rashes etc.

Hair testing is conducted using electromagnetic analysis at the Allergenics Testing Service in Auckland.  Only a small hair sample, nails or oral swab is needed, and colour treated is OK. 

Multiple tests can be performed on one hair sample, as follows:

  • Food / Environmental Sensitivities & Candida

  • Hormone Imbalances & Organ Stress Test

  • Comprehensive Vitamin & Mineral Status

  • Sleep & Mood Test

  • Heavy Metals & Environmental Toxins


Discounts are applied if you select multiple tests -
$145.00 (1st Test), $95.00 (2nd Test), $90.00 (3rd Test), $85.00 (4th Test), $80.00 (5th Test).

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)

A comprehensive assessment of minerals in the body, including toxic heavy metals and beneficial minerals. 

HTMA is done through Biotrace in Auckland, who send the hair sample to Mediscan, a respected independent testing laboratory at the University of Western Australia. The 10 page report is sent to me, and I will incorporate the findings into your treatment plan.

Cost: $240