I found Mairie to be a highly knowledgeable, skilled and caring natural practitioner. At first consultation she took the time to fully discuss not only my immediate condition but also health history and life circumstances. With Mairie’s help I was able to understand much more about my health and how to successfully manage my particular condition going forward. The follow up reports and advice after each consultation were immensely helpful, as well as general phone and email communications. I would highly recommend Mairie as a professional, skilled and caring natural practitioner. Shona

Mairie is amazing to work with. She is very thorough and professional as well as being an active listener. She follows up carefully after consultations and is always available to communicate with as required. My consultation with Mairie was totally positive and resulted in an improvement in my health. I recommend her to anyone who requires a high quality Naturopath. Ros

My health was at a low so I decided I needed to do something about it so I looked up on the Internet for a Naturopath and I picked Mairie her Website had everything on there that I was looking for that was a year ago now and I am so thankful that I went to her.

Mairie has helped me with my numerous health issues, she listened to everything I was saying and she has outlined a food (as I was having problems with gluten, dairy etc) and treatment plan for me which has changed my life.  I have so much more energy now and I know what foods I can tolerate.

Marie is professional from start to finish and puts a lot of time into helping you, nothing is ever a problem so I  would recommend Mairie to anyone that is needing some help.

Her massages are just so relaxing and worth having I will be back for more.  Pauline

I went to Mairie in desperation with several ailments including arthritic discomfort, headaches and low energy. After one consultation she analysed likely diet areas I could improve on to alleviate those issues,  as well as subscribing supplements. Two weeks later and Im back to former painfree, energetic self... Incredible! Im stunned, and so happy, it could happen so quickly! Viv

 I came to Mairie feeling very stressed about numerous gut health and mental health issues I was suffering with. I had been seeing multiple doctors searching for answers but they all prescribed me drugs which made my issues worst. However when I met Mairie she was very kind and listened to my concerns and cared about finding a sustainable solution. She organised a hormone and food allergy test and the results explained why I was feeling so terrible. The comprehensive treatment plan she gave me is personalised to my lifestyle and easily sustainable. I learnt a lot from Mairie and have gained knowledge on how my body works best which makes me a happier more energetic person. Mairie is extremely supportive and intelligent, my experience could not have gone better.  Rachel, 18

I consulted with Mairie when my teenage son had a long term health condition that wasn't improving with medications.  Mairie took a very detailed holistic health history of my son and her recommendations were very helpful in reducing his symptoms.  I felt Marie went above and beyond, providing a lot of information and even recipes.  Mairie follows up with progress and is very caring and professional.  Donna

"I have Ankylosing Spondylitis which caused great pain and discomfort.  I saw Mairie who worked and researched tirelessly to find a solution. She put me on a budget friendly diet and advised me of different stretches which fit in with my busy schedule and I am happy to say it is working and I continue on with these. Also my family has gotten on board! Thanks Mairie!" - Tracey

"My daughter, age 3 now, previously suffered from severe eczema, reoccurring skin infections from broken skin, and had a continually upset tummy. She was often stressed and upset, and didn’t sleep well. She was not growing and gaining weight as a healthy wee girl should. It was a very hard time for our family. After 6 months of dead ends with our local GP, hospital nutritionist, and meetings in the pediatric ward, I met Mairie. Mairie took my daughter on, helped us with a hair follicle test to find out what foods and environmental things she was intolerant of. She helped us to replace all the foods my daughter was intolerant of with easy alternatives, and made a gentle skin cream to help sooth her eczema. Mairie identified what nutrients my daughter was in need of and was able to obtain a special herbal formula to help fight the fungal infection/over growth of candida in her digestive tract. We are two years down the track from when this nightmare started and I can proudly say I have a happy, healthy, thriving child. Mairie was fundamental in helping us heal our daughter, and I would recommend her to anyone. I cant thank you enough Mairie for all your help in the past 2 years. You were truly an angel sent to our family in a time of desperate need" - Siobhan

I have been seeing Mairie for the past six months to try and improve my energy levels and sleeping. I have found out what I am low in and through her am receiving high quality supplements to try and rectify this which is improving both my sleeping and quality of health. Rosie

I recently visited Mairie for a full consultation after being recommended to her by a friend.  I found Mairie very welcoming and gentle.  She was extremely thorough and was genuinely concerned and interested in finding the right treatment plan for me.  Her combined astuteness and knowledge made me feel in good hands and I would happily recommend her to anyone looking for a trustworthy and reliable Naturopath.  Tracey 

"I have suffered with PCOS for many years and recently experienced some respiratory issues. I worked with Mairie to get some clarity around what I could do to improve my health in these areas. I found her approach very professional and thorough, she has excellent knowledge and an in depth understanding of a holistic health approach. I always feel safe, comfortable and a real person not just a case with Mairie. Her ongoing attention and treatment plan are just what I need. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to others". - Carol

Last year a friend recommend Mairie to us as we had been dealing with our sons eczema on and off since he was a baby. We had been to the doctors, tried all the creams and treatments conventional medicine suggest but I was never satisfied with it and thought there must be another way. Mairie was easy to talk to and listened to our concerns.  She made a plan and pointed us in a better direction in treating his eczema. After about 3 weeks we noticed visible changes in his skin. It's not been easy at time but Mairie has been very helpful and supportive providing lots of information to us.  I'm glad we found Mairie :) - Lois

I have seen Mairie several times for the past few months. She is very professional and supportive in her approach to helping me with my numerous health issues.

I have had some very good results with the diet and treatment plan that Mairie has suggested. Mairie is very caring and positive while following up any queries I have and is in regular contact by email.  I would highly recommend Mairie to anyone who needs support with a new or ongoing health problem.

Rebecca McDonald