For personalised support with immediate or ongoing health issues. I offer face-to-face consultations in my home clinic, or remote sessions via video call (Zoom or Skype).

COVID-19 NOTE: I am vaccinated and carefully adhere to COVID-19 traffic light hygiene, ventilation  and distancing protocols.  Vaccination is not a requirement for non-contact clinical consultations, and I can do  Zoom video calls if you prefer or are currently in isolation.

Full Consultation & Treatment Plan

Option One:
2 visits in 2 weeks


($160.00 for an Initial 1.5 hr assessment, then $80.00 for a second 1 hr treatment consultation)


For people who want to gain control of a health issue as soon as possible.  

I will send you a registration form and 3 day food diary to complete and return before your appointment, then review your diet, conduct a holistic health interview and physical examination in an initial appointment.

I will see you again within 2 weeks to go through your health evaluation and treatment plan with you, set goals, order supplements if you want them, and plan the way forward.  

Option Two:
4 visits in 4+ weeks 

($60.00 per visit)


The same as Option One, but over a longer timeframe for those who want to work on things at a slower pace.

Short Consultations



1 hour general consultation for help with any health matter, such as stress, anxiety, allergies, or if you just want a supplement. 

Follow-up Consultations


1 hour re-evaluation to support you on your healing journey after receiving your treatment plan. Mairie catches up on your progress, and adjusts your supplements and nutrition according to your needs.

What to expect from your Consultation

Your health is influenced by your constitution, family history, nutrition, environment, lifestyle choices and events.  Its the role of the naturopath to explore these aspects of your lifestyle to identify the underlying causes of your health concerns, in order to treat them.  Upon registration, I will begin gathering  detailed information about your whole health picture so that I can be sure to arrive at a safe, effective treatment plan for you.  Often the answers lie in the detail and there is a lot to get through, but I will lead the way and talk you through it.


You will be sent a registration form and food diary to fill out and return to Mairie.  These will be reviewed in your consultation, along with further detailed questioning about your health and wellbeing, as I seek to get to know you and gain an overview of your body systems and processes. 


After your consultation, I will draw conclusions about your presenting complaint, and write you a report, outlining your case details and presenting a Treatment Plan with targeted supplements, dietary guidelines and recipes, to get your journey to wellness underway.  I then call you in for a second visit to explain my findings, discuss your Treatment Plan, and set simple goals and steps to follow.


Follow-up visits are used to follow through with Treatment, checking that its working, addressing any difficulties, providing additional support, new ideas, resources and motivation.