Naturopathy is a philosophy of health.  All civilisations have used natural therapies to assist the body’s natural healing processes. Naturopathic medicine draws on these ancient understandings and integrates it with modern day scientific knowledge to overcome illness and restore good health, vitality, and sense of wellbeing. The six principals of naturopathy are:


First do no harm

Use the healing power of nature

Identify and treat the cause

Treat the person as a whole

Physician as teacher

Prevention is the best cure.


Naturopathic medicine is gentle, safe and effective for all ages and conditions.  If we cant treat the condition we can help to relieve it. The central approach is to identify the underlying causes of a person's health complaint, and apply a range of tried and true, natural healing therapies to promote the body’s self-healing mechanisms.  Such therapies include:


Targeted nutrition and healing foods

Natural vitamins, minerals & probiotics

Herbal & Homeobotanical remedies

Lifestyle and stress management

Relaxation massage  


New Zealand naturopathic medicine is governed by safe practice legislation and can work alongside conventional medicine by keeping within our scope of practice, checking for interactions between medicines our clients are taking and any foods, supplements, or remedies we use.  Client confidentiality is guaranteed and we refer to General Practitioners or other appropriate health practitioners when its needed.  

What to expect from your consultation

Your health is influenced by your constitution, family history, nutrition, environment, lifestyle choices and events.  Its the role of the naturopath to explore these aspects of your lifestyle to identify the underlying causes of your health concerns, in order to treat them.  Upon registration, Mairie will begin gathering  detailed information about your whole health picture so that she can be sure to arrive at a safe, effective treatment plan for you.  Often the answers lie in the detail and there is a lot to get through, but Mairie will lead the way and talk you through it.


You will be sent a registration form and food diary to fill out and return to Mairie.  These will be reviewed in your consultation, along with further detailed questioning about your health and wellbeing, as Mairie seeks to get to know you and gain an overview of your body systems and processes. 


With your consent she will conduct naturopathic assessments, such as iridology, face, nail and tongue signs for inner body health and nutrient status.


After your consultation, Mairie will draw conclusions about your presenting complaint, and write you a report, outlining your case details and presenting a Treatment Plan with targeted supplements, dietary guidelines and recipes, to get your journey to wellness underway.  She then calls you in for a second visit to explain her findings, discuss your Treatment Plan, and set simple goals and steps to follow.


Follow-up visits are used to follow through with Treatment, checking that its working, addressing any difficulties, providing additional support, new ideas, resources and motivation.




5 minute phone calls and text messages are free.

Short Consultations


1 hour general consultation for help with any health matter, such as stress, anxiety, allergies, or if you just want a supplement. 

Full Consultation & Treatment Plan

Option 1: 2 visits in 2 weeks

Cost: $185.00

($120.00 for an Initial 1.5 hr assessment, then $65.00 for a second 1 hr treatment consultation).   

For people who want to gain control of a health issue as soon as possible.  Mairie will send you a registration form and 3 day food diary to complete and return before your appointment, then review your diet, conduct a holistic health interview and physical examination in an initial appointment, then see you again within 2 weeks to go through your health evaluation and treatment plan with you, set goals, order supplements if you want them, and plan the way forward.        

Option 2: 4 visits in 4+ weeks 

Cost: $185.00 ($45.00 for the first 3 visits, $50 for the last)

The same as Option 1, but over a longer timeframe for those who want to work on things at a slower pace.

Follow-up Consultations

Cost: $75.00

1 hour re-evaluation to support you on your healing journey after receiving your treatment plan. Mairie catches up on your progress, and adjusts your supplements and nutrition according to your needs.

All consultations are available via video calls

(zoom or skype)

See my Facebook page for recipes and updates.

Diagnostic Testing

Allergenics Hair Testing

Hair Testing for Food & Environmental Sensitivities often accompanies a naturopathic consultation and is helpful for clarifying foods that could be contributing to symptoms of poor health. Hair testing is done through Allergenics assessment service in Auckland.  Only a small hair sample is needed, and colour treated hair is OK. The report is sent to Mairie as your practitioner and she will take time to discuss it with you and answer any questions you may have.  Multiple tests can be done on the same hair sample, as follows:

Food / Environmental Sensitivities &  Candida

Hormone Imbalances & Organ Stress Test

Comprehensive Vitamin & Mineral Status

Sleep & Mood  Test

Heavy Metals & Environmental Toxins

Costs: $145.00 (1st Test), $95.00 (2nd Test), $90.00 (3rd Test), $85.00 (4th Tests), $80.00 (5th Test).

Normal delivery time for Hair Test results is 2 weeks, however they can be fast-tracked to within a week for an additional $25 (1-2 tests), or $35 (3-4 tests).

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) for Heavy Metals

Cost: $240.00

A comprehensive assessment of minerals in the body, including toxic heavy metals.  HTMA is done through Biotrace in Auckland, who send the hair sample to Mediscan, a respected independent testing laboratory at the University of Western Australia.  The 10 page report is sent to Mairie and she will incorporate the findings into your treatment plan.

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