Relaxation & Pregnancy Massage

Relaxation massage provides therapeutic benefits of gentle, soothing touch, allowing you to let go of tension and drift into your happy space.  Your muscles are warmed and relaxed, and circulation is stimulated, balancing hormones and helping clear toxins from the body.

Back Massage

30 minute back massage, including neck, shoulders, back and hips for relief from muscle pain, tension and stress.  

30 mins - $45

Full Body Massage

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60 Minute full body massage including neck, shoulders, arms, back, hips, legs and feet for relief from muscle pain, tension and stress.

60 mins - $75

Pregnancy Massage
(2nd and 3rd trimesters)

Soothing and comforting, gentle upper and lower body massage, in side or semi-reclined position, using safe pregnancy oils, to relieve muscle pain and tension, connect with baby, and help prepare for labour.

30 mins - $45

Every 6th Back or Pregnancy Massage is free, or can be upgraded to a full body massage for $45

Every 4th Full Body Massage is reduced to $45