Nutrition is foundational to healing, and should be delicious, affordable and right for you, giving your body the right fuel to regain good health and feel much better.  Inevitably, overcoming a health problem through nutrition involves more shopping and cooking, and I see many people who are tired with little time to spare, so we devise quick nutritious meal plans together.  The meals shown above cost no more than $5 per bowl and take 10-20 minutes to prepare.  Prep time is best done ahead, say on the weekend, for things to run smoothly during the week.  Meal plans are very individual, depending on the condition being targeted, the person's constitution, lifestyle and any food sensitivities they have.  In practise, I use nutritional changes to heal the gut, reduce fermentation and bloating, heal Leaky Gut, balance the microflora, cleanse and stimulate liver function, reduce inflammation, balance  hormones, improve energy and stress resilience, support adrenal function, support mental health and brain function, boost immunity, improve pain, solve food intolerances, and much more.  People can gain the most profound improvements with good nutritional health, and stay well.  Its a step by step process, with plenty of support, which allows you to go from strength to strength. So lets get started!